Chef Dan in his natural surroundings @ Daniel’s Table in Cathedral City, Ca.  Daniel’s Table is a full service restaurant, wine bar and catering company with a reputation for providing only the best.

Chef Dan in his natural surroundings @ Daniel’s Table in Cathedral City, Ca.

Daniel’s Table is a full service restaurant, wine bar and catering company with a reputation for providing only the best.


About our Chef 

Chef Daniel calls his 28 year culinary career a "restaurant tour." Growing up in the 80’s playing music and cooking was a natural way of living. After a fun and educating 10 years of working fine dining cuisine, Chef Daniel decided to try his hand at motion picture television and special event catering; Flavors with Love in Hollywood, Ca. “That was an amazing time in Los Angeles” he says. “The Mediterranean diet was super popular and I was digging in with both hands.” However, in 2009 the wind began to blow him east bound towards the Coachella Valley.

Upon arriving to the desert, Chef Dan tried his hand in various fine dining restaurants but never felt the completeness and freedom of his own creativity. “I was searching for something but didn’t know what exactly” he states. A few years went by as he worked as a private chef and caterer for various clients, “I had a deeper sense of what I could create seasonally.”

Settled into the Coachella Valley by this time he was introduced to a company and space sitting right next to the private airport that once was a breakfast cafe and catering spot for private aircraft coming in from different parts of the world. “I found myself with an opportunity to translate foods that I knew into dishes that I could now share with the public.” This is where Chef Daniel got his debut as a restaurateur with Balisage Bistro. The space was quickly transformed into a dinner spot with a growing reputation for fresh sourced and prepared foods. “I had no idea what I was doing but I was following my heart and I felt right at home next to an airport having traveled much as a kid growing up with a father in the military.” Balisage Bistro was a fun space and time while it lasted and left us connected with many, many great people.  

“After we closed, I decided to take some time off and gather my senses, find myself. I believe that once you’re a chef then you’re always a chef, it comes from deep within, it’s a creative garage that constantly needs to be filled, emptied, opened and closed.”

Upon returning from a trip to Juneau in Summer of 2017, Chef Daniel was asked if he would like to open another restaurant. “We prayed about it for a few months and decided to move forward with Beyond Balisage.” We had the name and materials from previous events that I would cater and so we decided to use it for summer and see how it goes.



Summer passed and we all decided to completely let the Balisage go and move forward with Daniel’s Table -restaurant - wine bar - catering. “ I felt constricted by the old name and stigma, I needed my own identity that will allow my creative spirit to wander free and create without boundaries while staying true to the seasons of our foods.” We are very excited to share a new path of creative seasonal menus in our Cathedral City location.  

Chef Daniel brings all his experience and travels to you in his restaurant, Daniel’s Table. Offering only the best sourced and seasonal foods.  

“ I feel compelled to bring the fruits of the trees and the bounty of the fields to my guests. Sourcing only grass fed animals and wild fish for our ‘made from scratch’ dishes and creating a lasting experience for everyone involved. Much focus, hard work, research, dedication and consistency goes into providing the best sourced foods from local farmers, ranchers and great fisherman that share in the passion of not trading their great standards in for a smaller prize.”  

As a trusted chef and caterer, Chef Daniel will create an amazing experience for you, your guests, friends and family that will last a lifetime. The joy, the music, food and decor all from a vision that we would see together from the beginning to deliver your amazing outcome.  

“I will stay true to the earth, the culture and the food that it provides for us and share this food journey with you. I will create unique dishes that fit the travels of our European ancestors into Native America.”

Providing the best food and service at Daniel’s Table is our goal, that’s who we are, what we represent and what we offer to you today and tomorrow.  We invite you to come and experience Daniel’s Table and we look forward to serving you.